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People are Special... things not so much

Kirk Enjoying Dim Sum

People are Special... things not so much

My lovely wife Angelle made us Dim Sum today.  It is a bit of a tradition with us.  We would always go out to have Dim Sum on the weekends.  One day Angelle learned to make Dim Sum and it is now a wonderful experience that we share at home.  We use many of our souvenirs from our travels.  It is just not our style to leave them sitting in a display case.

Angelle having tea with Stella Wong
We spent almost two months in Asia on our honeymoon.  One day in Hong Kong we happened by a little tea shop run by a lady name Stella Wong.  Stella Wong is the best sales person I have ever met.  She did not try to sell us anything.  Stella invited my wife to sit down and have tea.  She kept filling up Angelle’s cup every time it was empty.  After many cups, finally, my wife did not finish her tea and Stella quit pouring so we looked around the shop.  Angelle had moved quite quickly and picked out two tea sets.  I kind of liked another red tea set with the dragons so Angelle suggested we buy that one as well.  It is such a nice memory and one that I relive every time I sip tea from one of my red dragon tea cups as you can see in the picture at the top of the page.
We like to use all of our souvenirs.  It brings back such pleasant memories for us.  What do we do if we chip a treasured souvenir?  That is the time that we put the souvenir in the display case.  What happens if a treasured souvenir breaks?  We are both much more important than our things.  When something we need breaks we just say “Oh good.  We get a new one now.”  When something we don’t need breaks… well… we didn’t need it did we?  😊

Angelle and Stella Wong


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In our city on Vancouver Island we still have a local newspaper.  One of the regular items in the newspaper is the "Beefs and Bouquets".  One of my beefs won the number 9 spot in the top 10 Beefs of the Year.  I have copied it in its entirety below.

BEEF To the woman who went into the trees in our yard to tinkle. She was undoing her pants as she was running from her car to the trees so it was pretty obvious what she was up to. Does she realize she is next to a 24-storey building with a clear view of her makeshift toilet? At least I hope she was only tinkling.

Here is a link to the Newspaper’s top ten Beefs of the Year.

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I like to try many different things.  I guess one of my biggest fears in life is that there may be something somewhere that I have not experienced.  So in keeping with that thought I once took up skiing.  Now this story is really not about me or even that much about skiing so feel free to skip to the next paragraph.  When I did learn to ski I took lessons and practiced on small hills in the city.  It was 15 minutes up the hill and 30 seconds down.  It took a long time to get little practice.  After a while I was ready for the mountains and what I found was that it was half an hour up and half an hour down.  I learned more about skiing on my first trip down the hill in the mountains than my entire practice time in the city.  Who knew?  Well... I guess every skier except for me and the people who told me to learn how to ski in the city.

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In the late seventies (yes, the 1970s) I was enrolled in an Electronics Engineering Technology program.  There was some minor programming involved.  I had to write my first program on ticker tape but I loved it right away.  I could write some code and then watch the machines do what I asked them to do.  It was just awesome. 
The school had some minor games on the central computer.  One of them was a space game.  No one had personal computers at the time so this was brand new to me.  Just picture yourself at 23 years old being able to play your first computer game.  It was mesmerizing.
We did not have terminals, just teletype machines, so each move we made in the game had to be printed out.  It took a lot of paper.  And now we see the problem.  The school shut down the computer games because of all the paper use.  It was a sad, dark time indeed.
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