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Picture This Nanaimo

Nanaimo City Hall Steps.  One of our Historical Monuments. If you want to see some of our local history and the pictures I took just follow the  link to Nanaimo Historical Monuments and / or link to Ladysmith Historical Monuments . A couple of weeks ago I was looking up some information on Wikipedia.  I have always wanted to contribute something to Wikipedia but have not gotten around to it yet.  Well... this time when I went to Wikipedia I noticed that they were having a Historical Monument picture taking contest.  Being an amateur photographer, with way more equipment than I can ever use, I thought to myself this is right up my alley.  Really it was.  I had to go up many back alleys to get some of the pictures. I was very excited and immediately created a Wikipedia account.  I checked out Nanaimo (the place where I live) and found that there were well over a hundred Historical Monuments.  The vast majority of the Monuments did not have pictures yet.  I set out with my c