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Quit While You are Ahead

Kirk McDougall Ski Jumping.
Quit While You are Ahead
Skiers' Denial

I like to try many different things.  I guess one of my biggest fears in life is that there may be something somewhere that I have not experienced.  So in keeping with that thought I once took up skiing.  Now this story is really not about me or even that much about skiing so feel free to skip to the next paragraph.  When I did learn to ski I took lessons and practiced on small hills in the city.  It was 15 minutes up the hill and 30 seconds down.  It took a long time to get little practice.  After a while I was ready for the mountains and what I found was that it was half an hour up and half an hour down.  I learned more about skiing on my first trip down the hill in the mountains than my entire practice time in the city.  Who knew?  Well... I guess every skier except for me and the people who told me to learn how to ski in the city.

Many skiers I talked to told me stories and one of the common threads was the one where they had a skiing accident and / or someone they knew had a skiing accident.  The only skiing accident I personally encountered was on the tour bus when I got back to my seat and found out that someone had spilled beer all over it.  But back to topic.  Most of the stories I heard about accidents started with "I was going to take one more trip down the hill...".  I thought to myself that maybe it was a good idea to not take that last trip down the hill.  You see... skiers tend to get tired a wee bit before they feel tired and accidents can happen when people are tired.  So I started to tell people not to take that last trip down the hill.  Just about every skier I talked to told me it was nonsense and that there was no problem taking one last trip down the hill.  Many of them then went on to tell me about a skiing accident they had when they took "just one more trip down the hill".

It was an uphill battle trying to stop people from taking one more trip down the hill (Did you see what I did there?).  But... for my own life, and those who will listen to me, whenever I think about doing just one more of anything I stop myself.

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OK.  One more ski story.  I was taking a trip out to ski in Jasper and dropped my skis off to be loaded on the bus.  I got on and asked a few people if this was the bus to Jasper and was assured that it was indeed.  A person with a clipboard came over to me and asked when I had joined the ski team.  Light was starting to dawn on marblehead as I replied that I was not on a ski team.  The bus load of skiers started to laugh and were saying that if I came along they would let me be the person that they practiced on.  You see they were practicing emergency drills and would strap me to a stretcher and take me down the hill.  As enticing as that was I declined.  The bus driver had to dig my skis out and was not very happy about the situation.

So in conclusion...
One last trip down the hill... nope.  One last spin of the roulette wheel... nope.  One last store on my shopping trip... nope.  One last swim... nope.  One last trip to Mars... I really want to go to Mars.

"Do a Little, Sit a Little" - Molly Sonder 1906-2004


  1. This was so funny! A great read! I could read a whole book written by you, and I don't usually even read full articles!

  2. I think many of us are prone to spreading ourselves too thin or overdoing things at times- & the result of that can produce a not so good outcome. I like the amusing way in which you make this point. I look forward to reading more of your stories :)

  3. Yes it can be tough knowing when to take a break. My wife, Angelle, and I both Pursue our Passions from home. We both find that in two hours we can do what would take us a full day when we used to work in day jobs. The key for us is that we do not find other work to do after that two hours. Seems like such a waste in our present society but it is a full days work and our goal is to enjoy all that life has to offer not to work all day.

    Well... that was a bit of a rant wasn't it?


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