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Saving Money - Made Easy

Kirk McDougall's Rules of Saving Money Make It Easy Let the company you work for save money for you.  Many companies have savings programs, bond purchase programs, stock purchase programs, or something similar.  If your company does not have such a program you can try a bank.  Many banks have similar programs.  Just remember that the people in the bank are sales people no matter what they call themselves.  I am not saying that you should not trust the people at the banks but it is good to know that they are sales people and also how they get paid. It is great to know the  3 Rules of Income  but how does that help you unless you can save?  Well... read along and I will show you one thing I have done. Here is my story.    Saving money... How boring.  I could never save money, yet I was semi retired at 38, fully retired at 53, and spent over 3 full years vacationing.  So how did I do it?  Well... I made it easy.  I got someone else to do it for me.  The company I was workin

Quit While You are Ahead

Kirk McDougall Ski Jumping. Quit While You are Ahead / Skiers' Denial I like to try many different things.  I guess one of my biggest fears in life is that there may be something somewhere that I have not experienced.  So in keeping with that thought I once took up skiing.  Now this story is really not about me or even that much about skiing so feel free to skip to the next paragraph.  When I did learn to ski I took lessons and practiced on small hills in the city.  It was 15 minutes up the hill and 30 seconds down.  It took a long time to get little practice.  After a while I was ready for the mountains and what I found was that it was half an hour up and half an hour down.  I learned more about skiing on my first trip down the hill in the mountains than my entire practice time in the city.  Who knew?  Well... I guess every skier except for me and the people who told me to learn how to ski in the city. Many skiers I talked to told me stories and one of the common thr

Plane, Trains, and Automobiles

Exactly one month after I started to date Angelle, my wife and the love of my life, I asked her "If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?".  After some kidding around Angelle answered that she would like to go to the Orkney Islands in Scotland.  Well, my name being Kirk McDougall means that I have a wee bit of Scottish heritage so I said "You make the arrangements and we will use my Air Canada frequent flyer points". Angelle immediately went to her Mother and asked "What do I do?  I just met this guy and he wants to take me to Europe". Her Mother gave Angelle some sage advice that she will always remember.  "If you don't go, I will". With that idea in her head Angelle decided to come to Europe with me.  We only had 10 days until we left so all that was available for Angelle to book was a trip to Munich.  We also had no choice but to go first class as those were the only seats left.  It was tough but we soldiered throug

Kirk McDougall's 3 Rules of Income

These are my 3 Rules of Income. 1 - You are spending more money than you are making.  You will eventually go bankrupt if this continues. 2 - You are spending as much money as you are making.  You will be doing the same thing forever if this continues. 3 - You are spending less money than you are making.  You will eventually be wealthy if this continues. The third rule has helped me incredibly.  The first two... not so much. Useful Links Saving Money Make It Easy