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Saving Made Easy -- No Nonsense Version

Saving Made Easy (No Nonsense Version) Kirk Holding a 28 Pound Brick of Gold Have someone else take care of saving money for you.    Go on and live your life… be a solid citizen… party your brains out… divorce… marry ten times… be a politician… be homeless… be rich… do whatever you want to do or can do with your life.   During your life you will have savings to help you do all, or any, of the above. You may even save some money for later in life… like next week.   If you have a job your company may have a savings plan.   The way it usually works is that the company will take the money right from your pay without you ever seeing it and put it in a savings plan.   Many companies will contribute some of their own money.   You just got a raise.   You are getting more money without doing a thing. Some companies have a stock purchase plan.   It usually works the same as the savings plan above but your company will buy shares for you instead of putting the mo
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Pop Go the Memories

Pop Go the Memories Memories are funny things.    Sometimes we have them handy and they come easily to us.    And sometimes they store themselves away on some distant shelf way in the back of our minds only to be found when triggered by a completely random and unexpected source.    It could be the smell of the top of an infant’s head.    Or the taste of a special cookie made by a favourite Aunt.    It could be a colour or the way something looks when the light hits it just right.    It can even be the way something feels – the softness of a blanket or the stickiness of dandelion stems (remember trying to get that off your hands!?).    Well the other day I had the pleasure of having a very old memory brought to my attention quite unexpectedly.    I was making French toast for our breakfast and decided to make some Sucre a Crème to pour over it (see recipe below).    Once it was cooked, I poured the boiling hot syrup into a mason jar and covered it with a proper canning lid

People are Special... things not so much

Kirk Enjoying Dim Sum People are Special... things not so much My lovely wife Angelle made us Dim Sum today.   It is a bit of a tradition with us.   We would always go out to have Dim Sum on the weekends.   One day Angelle learned to make Dim Sum and it is now a wonderful experience that we share at home.   We use many of our souvenirs from our travels.   It is just not our style to leave them sitting in a display case. Angelle having tea with Stella Wong     We spent almost two months in Asia on our honeymoon.   One day in Hong Kong we happened by a little tea shop run by a lady name Stella Wong.   Stella Wong is the best sales person I have ever met.   She did not try to sell us anything.   Stella invited my wife to sit down and have tea.   She kept filling up Angelle’s cup every time it was empty.   After many cups, finally, my wife did not finish her tea and Stella quit pouring so we looked around the shop.   Angelle had moved quite quickly and picked out

Tree Tinkler

In our city on Vancouver Island we still have a local newspaper.  One of the regular items in the newspaper is the "Beefs and Bouquets".  One of my beefs won the number 9 spot in the top 10 Beefs of the Year.  I have copied it in its entirety below. BEEF To the woman who went into the trees in our yard to tinkle. She was undoing her pants as she was running from her car to the trees so it was pretty obvious what she was up to. Does she realize she is next to a 24-storey building with a clear view of her makeshift toilet? At least I hope she was only tinkling. Here is a link to the Newspaper’s top ten Beefs of the Year .

Resolutions Made Easy

I once saw a fellow who said that he back dated his New Year’s resolutions. It may sound funny, but it has always helped me to start the New Year in a positive way by concentrating on my accomplishments. So… here goes my New Year’s resolutions for 2017. - Support my lovely wife Angelle through her knee surgery. - Help Angelle support our Mom through her knee surgery. - Learn about and start to write game programs. - Buy a ton of computer stuff to write game programs includi ng Apple and iPhone so that my friends and family can play my games. - Write a game for Canada’s 150th birthday… Canada 150 Trivia Quiz. - Publish my game on the web, Android, and iPhone. - Have my 150th game download on Canada’s birthday July 1. - Downsize our television. - Finish a jig saw puzzle with four pieces missing. - Renovate our home and have it done by professionals. - Buy groceries with Bitcoin. - See my wife, Angelle’s, artwork hanging in a Victoria art gallery. - Meet Tim’s girlfriend Kristen. Sh

Space Game

In the late seventies (yes, the 1970s) I was enrolled in an Electronics Engineering Technology program.  There was some minor programming involved.  I had to write my first program on ticker tape but I loved it right away.  I could write some code and then watch the machines do what I asked them to do.  It was just awesome.  The school had some minor games on the central computer.  One of them was a space game.  No one had personal computers at the time so this was brand new to me.  Just picture yourself at 23 years old being able to play your first computer game.  It was mesmerizing. We did not have terminals, just teletype machines, so each move we made in the game had to be printed out.  It took a lot of paper.  And now we see the problem.  The school shut down the computer games because of all the paper use.  It was a sad, dark time indeed. We were all quite upset so in programming class I inquired about the space game only to be told that it was not coming back. 

Picture This Nanaimo

Nanaimo City Hall Steps.  One of our Historical Monuments. If you want to see some of our local history and the pictures I took just follow the  link to Nanaimo Historical Monuments and / or link to Ladysmith Historical Monuments . A couple of weeks ago I was looking up some information on Wikipedia.  I have always wanted to contribute something to Wikipedia but have not gotten around to it yet.  Well... this time when I went to Wikipedia I noticed that they were having a Historical Monument picture taking contest.  Being an amateur photographer, with way more equipment than I can ever use, I thought to myself this is right up my alley.  Really it was.  I had to go up many back alleys to get some of the pictures. I was very excited and immediately created a Wikipedia account.  I checked out Nanaimo (the place where I live) and found that there were well over a hundred Historical Monuments.  The vast majority of the Monuments did not have pictures yet.  I set out with my c